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Anderson Union High School District is gathering input and perspectives from a wide array of educational partners to inform the development of the AUHSD Local Control and Accountability Plan. The goal of the survey is to provide feedback to school and district staff, families, and communities about the district’s plan for supporting positive student outcomes through the LCAP. The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a central component of California's school funding and accountability system, known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). The LCFF was enacted in 2013 with the aim of providing more equitable and flexible funding to school districts and charter schools, while also increasing local decision-making and accountability. The LCAP is a three-year plan that outlines the goals, actions, and expenditures a school district or charter school will undertake to support student achievement and overall school improvement. The LCAP must address eight state priorities, which include student achievement, student engagement, school climate, and basic services, among others. School districts are required to gather input from stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and community members, to inform the development of the LCAP. We welcome your participation in and sharing of this survey for completion by March 1, 2024.

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Allyson Baldwin
Baldwin, Allyson
Teacher - English
Barnette, Katie
Nathan Belk
Belk, Nathan
Teacher - English
Jessica Bettes
Bettes, Jessica
Office: 530-347-7171 x 30020
Roger Bly
Bly, Roger
Maintenance Specialist
Kayla Bowerman
Bowerman, Kayla
Teacher – Agriculture
Lisa Bullington
Bullington, Lisa
Executive Assistant to Principal
Office: 530-347-7171 x 30002
Byxbe, Justin
Assistant Principal
Debbie Chrasta
Chrasta, Debbie
Teacher - Math
Mark Chrasta
Chrasta, Mark
Teacher - English
Connelly, Kristy
Connelly, Kylie
Costa, Summer
Gretchen DeLang
DeLang, Gretchen
Food Service Specialist
Bill Driver
Driver, Bill
Teacher - Math
Leonard Ehn
Ehn, Leonard
Teacher - Special Education
David Fairley
Fairley, David
Teacher - Math
Tiffanie Fife
Fife, Tiffanie
Teacher - Social Science
Chris Fitch
Fitch, Chris
Teacher - Math
Fitzjarrell, Cory
Teacher - PE
Terra Gibson
Gibson, Terra
Teacher – Agriculture
Laura Gonzales
Gonzales, Laura
Teacher – Agriculture
Ed Grant
Grant, Ed
Teacher - Spanish
Jonathan Greeley
Greeley, Jonathan
Teacher - Science
Melissa Gulden
Gulden, Melissa
Teacher - English
Tasha Johnston
Johnston, Tasha
Kenzie Jordan
Jordan, Kenzie
Christie Kerr
Kerr, Christie
Teacher - English
Travis Kizer
Kizer, Travis
Teacher - ERICS
Patricia Kretner
Kretner, Patricia
Andrew LaRue
LaRue, Andrew
School Resource Officer
Tiffany Lidell
Lidell, Tiffany
Teacher - Special Eduation
Jeremy Loftus
Loftus, Jeremy
MacLeod, Leonora
Food Service Assistant
Manning, Brianna
Administrative Secretary I / ASB
Samantha Martinez
Martinez, Samantha
Campus Supervisor
Joshua Mason
Mason, Joshua
McAbel, Amanda
Attendance Clerk
McAndrews, Cindy
Denise McMahon
McMahon, Denise
Librarian / Media Clerk
Audrey Merkel
Merkel, Audrey
Food Service Specialist - Lead
Jeannette Mojica
Mojica, Jeannette
Teacher - Spanish
James O'Brien
O'Brien, James
Teacher - Math/Social Science
Daryn Parret
Parret, Daryn
Tami Paul
Paul, Tami
Attendance Clerk
Pearce, Susan
Tamara Pellow
Pellow, Tamara
Teacher - Special Eduation
Josh Pixler
Pixler, Josh
Teacher - Math
Eric Poldervaart
Poldervaart, Eric
Teacher – Agriculture
Eric Proscher
Proscher, Eric
Teacher - Social Science
John Randolph
Randolph, John
Maintenance Specialist
Janae Reyher
Reyher, Janae
Teacher - Art
Bonnie Short
Short, Bonnie
Custodian - Lead
Simonsen, Niki
Delaine Smith
Smith, Delaine
Teacher - Culinary Arts & Life Skills
Billy Soksoda
Soksoda, Billy
Teacher - Special Education
Erin Sprague
Sprague, Erin
Teacher - ASL
Stabile, Samantha
Student Accounts
Tierney, Jaden
Zackary Trueblood
Trueblood, Zackary
Teacher - Social Science
Valencia, Elvia
Food Service Specialist
Jennifer Vanderbeek
Vanderbeek, Jennifer
Teacher - PE
Jason Weston
Weston, Jason
Teacher - Social Science
Tom Wyrick
Wyrick, Tom
Teacher - Math

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