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Integrated Pesticide Management

Anderson Union High School District is required by the Healthy Schools Act of 2000 to provide information to parents and guardians about nonexempt pesticides the district expects to use in the coming school year. This notification will include the pesticide name, active, ingredient(s), and information on the pesticides and their alternatives.

AUHSD uses an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to managing ants, rodents, and other pests. The district’s goal is to protect the health of children, staff, and the environment by reducing pesticide use. Prevention is critical to this approach. The district works hard to keep pests out of the buildings and remove their access to food, water, and shelter.

When pests enter the facilities, the staff tries to use non-chemical and least harmful methods to deal with them. Occasionally, we use pesticides to manage these pest problems, but only when no other means are effective. Certain pesticides, such as self-contained baits, traps, gels, or pastes used in cracks or crevices, are exempt from the requirements of the Healthy Schools Act. They are applied in ways that limit children’s exposure and contain non-toxic or least harmful substances.

The following pesticides may be used at AUHSD schools this year:

· Monsanto Company-Ranger Pro (active ingredient: Weed Control Herbicide EPA #524-517)

· Nufarm Company – Diquat (active ingredient: Weed Control Herbicide EPA #228-675)

· Gordons Products – Mecomec (active ingredient: Weed Control Herbicide EPA #33955-483-2217)

· Gordons Products – Speed Zone Southern (active ingredient: Weed Control Herbicide EPA #2217-835)

· Monterey Ag Resources – Turflon (active ingredient: Weed Control Herbicide EPA #17545-8)

You can find more information regarding these products at DPR’s Child Care IPM – Growing Up Green.

Parents and guardians may request to be notified about individual pesticide applications throughout the year. Beginning January 1, 2016, parents and guardians who choose to be included in this registry will be notified at least three days before nonexempt pesticides (such as sprays and foggers) are applied. If you would like to be notified every time a nonexempt pesticide is applied, please click on the IPM Documents folder, complete the Pesticide Notification form, and return it to the principal’s office at your child’s school. The principal’s office will provide the information to the Integrated Pest Manager.

For more information on pesticides and integrated pest management, see the Department of Pesticide Regulation’s School Integrated Pest Management.

If you have any questions, please contact the district Safety Coordinator/Integrated Pest Manager, 530/378-0568 ext. 20050 or [email protected]

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