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Procedure for Addressing the AUHSD School Board
The Board encourages people to attend meetings of the Anderson Union High School District Board of Trustees and express themselves. The Board President may rule on the appropriateness of a topic and if the topic may more suitably be addressed at a later time. A school district governing board cannot legally take action on a matter at one of its regular meetings if that matter has not been placed on the official agenda.  (AUHSD BB 9323)
Persons wishing to address the board regarding agenda items may do so before or during the Board’s consideration of the item. Please notify the Board President during the Public Comment Period of which agenda item you would like to comment on. 
Persons wishing to address the board regarding non-agenda items will have the opportunity to do so during the Public comment Period. 
To address the Board:
  • Be prepared by knowing the agenda item number or, if a non-agenda item, a brief description of the topic you wish to address.
  • Stand and be recognized by the President of the Board
  • State your name clearly (You may provide this in advance to the Clerk of the Board, if you like.)
  • Individual speakers shall be allowed three (3) minutes to address the Board on each agenda or non-agenda item. The Board shall limit the total time for public input on each topic to twenty (20) minutes.
Please be aware the Board may not have a response at the time your comment is presented. If a response is warranted, they may ask to contact you after the Board Meeting as follow up. If appropriate, the item may be placed on a future agenda for discussion or action by the Board.
Procedure for Requesting Agenda Items
The Board encourages people to request items for regular meetings of the Anderson Union High School District Board of Trustees. Items must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent or designee with supporting documents and information at least 14 days prior to the board meeting for consideration.  Items submitted less than 14 days before a scheduled meeting date may be postponed to a later meeting in order to allow sufficient time for consideration and research of the item. Items are subject to the approval of the Superintendent and/or Board President.  
If you have further questions, please contact
Paula Foster, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, at 530/378-0568.

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