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Business, college, and university leaders are in desperate need of people who possess “soft skills”, the skills defined as “the personal habits and traits that shape how one works, either individually or with others”. In a recent survey conducted by, one of the largest job search websites in the world, 1,000 hiring managers were asked to list the most important attributes of the top performers at their companies.  All of the attributes listed were soft skills: problem-solving, effective communication, self-direction, adaptability, and work ethic.  At New Tech, we place high priority on preparing our students for a successful future. To accomplish this, along with the traditional courses of study (math, science, English, social sciences, etc.),  the teaching, modeling, and assessing of these essential soft skills are incorporated right alongside all course content.


Collaboration asks students to consider both, how they individually contribute, and how a group works together. Collaboration helps students not only develop their academic and social skills but also help contribute to a learning community. Collaboration fosters a student’s ability to engage in a learning environment that is authentic, active, relational, responsive and complex.  

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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking skills are grounded in the ability to reason, problem-solve, develop sound arguments or decisions, and create new ideas by using appropriate sources and applying the knowledge and skills of a discipline.

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Oral and Written Communication is the ability to effectively communicate knowledge and thinking, and engage in a clear, thoughtful manner in either writing or dialogue through group conversations and presentations. Building written communication skills empower students to effectively communicate their ideas, share their voice, and advocate for their learning. Furthermore, effective verbal communication empowers students to advocate for themselves, ask relevant questions, and communicate clearly.

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Reflective & Lifelong Learners

The most successful people continue to learn long past their days in education. The desire to deepen their knowledge in order to continue to grow is a priority in their lives. Knowing this, New Tech models and encourages our students to determine their passion and set up goals in line with their objectives. The utilization of Project-Based Learning cultivates this mindset. (Reflective in that students know how to take critiques of their work and then work to improve the next time, etc.)

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Community-Minded Citizens

Community-minded citizens get involved in their local communities at all different levels. Whether it is involvement with a community service organization or planning a campaign to clean up a river trail, participating in one’s community empowers people to make a difference in their communities. New Tech students are out in the community in order to 

“make a difference in the civic life of their community and develop the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.”1 

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