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Why We Do What We Do

Business, college, and university leaders desperately need people who possess “soft skills,” defined as “the personal habits and traits that shape how one works, either individually or with others.” In a recent survey conducted by, one of the largest job search websites in the world, 1,000 hiring managers were asked to list the essential attributes of the top performers at their companies. All the attributes listed were soft skills: problem-solving, effective communication, self-direction, adaptability, and work ethic. At New Tech, we prioritize preparing our students for a successful future. Along with the traditional courses of study (math, science, English, social sciences, etc.), the teaching, modeling, and assessing of these essential soft skills are incorporated alongside all course content. 


  • Demonstrate mastery of essential soft skills (time management, collaboration, advocacy, work ethic, etc.)

  • Engage in authentic, active, and complex learning environments.

  • Show initiative, responsibility, and self-discipline in a team environment.

Critical Thinking

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the academic content standards for English, mathematics, the sciences, and the social sciences.

  • Can solve problems and engage in reasoning.

  • Create new ideas based on evidence and information.

  • Apply knowledge to develop sound arguments and well-informed opinions critically.


  • Effectively communicate in a clear, thoughtful manner in all forms of communication.
  • Advocate for their learning and ask clarifying questions.
  • Use technology as an effective tool.

Reflective & Lifelong Learners

  • Continue to grow, explore, and deepen their knowledge and skill set for employment and personal development.
  • Utilize feedback to improve and refine outcomes.
  • Create goals for post-secondary education and training.

Community-Minded Citizens

  • Develop respect, support, and understanding for individuals and a knowledge of diverse cultures.
  • Make a difference in their community through active participation and community service.
  • Demonstrate academic, social, and civic-minded standards of excellence.

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