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  • A total of 230 semester credits are required for graduation
  • A student earns 5 credits for each high school course successfully completed during each semester
  • Successful completion of the following requirements is needed for graduation:
    • English* -- 40 units
    • Mathematics -- 40 units
    • Social Science* -- 40 units
      • Geography (5)
      • Personal Growth (5)
      • World History (10)
      • US History (10)
      • American Government (5)
      • Economics (5) 
    • Science -- 20 units
      • Biological Science (10)
      • Physical Science (10) 
    • Physical Education -- 20 units
    • Foreign Language or Fine Art -- 10 units
    • Vocational Educations -- 10 units
    • Electives -- 50 units
    • Total Requirements -- 230 units 

*Students may not substitute English or Social Science classes offered elsewhere (such as Shasta College, onine, etc) for their required English or Social Science credits. 


A-G Requirements



PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

  • Although this test is designed for 11th grade students and was created to utilize as a tool to better assess the academic preparedness of students planning on attending a 4-year university right out of high school, the purpose of the PSAT is to identify areas of strength and weakness as students prepare to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

SBAC (Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium)

  • The SBAC testing has now replaced the CAHSEE (The California High School Exit Exam) as well as the CST (California State Testing). This test is administered in the 11th grade. Using computer adaptive technology, our tests are customized to every student. When a student answers correctly, the next question will be harder, and a wrong answer will lead to an easier question. Our system helps inform teachers’ instruction by identifying where students need more support. Teachers also have access to a digital library of resources to help improve their instruction and meet students’ individual needs.


ANTHS Excellence


Also known as "The Big 3"
In addition to the graduation credits outlined above and in pursuit of academic, career and community excellence, all ANTHS students will complete the following requirements prior to graduation:
  •  6 units of approved college coursework
    • 1 year of enrollment in ROP class = 1 (3 unit) college course class
  • 30-hour internship program
    • Internship students are placed at local businesses based on the student’s interests; hours may be completed at more than one business
    • 1 year of enrollment in ROP class = 30 internship hours (upon contract completion)
  • 40 hours of community service
    • 10 per year (or all can be done at once if opportunity allows) 
    • 10 are allowed to be in school, 30 need to be out in the community

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