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MARCH 24, 2020

Good Afternoon New Tech Families:

I hope this finds all of you in good health and staying safe.

The district administrators met this morning and discussed how we will be training teachers to start going online with all of their classes. There will be a training on Thursday for the teachers, as well as, a discussion of grading practices, how to take attendance, teacher office hours for help, etc. Students between now and April 14th, should keep working on their college classes, math, and reading, as well as, any of the enrichment sites. 

Please know that all school districts are preparing and getting ready to roll out online teaching in an organized manner, so no one is falling behind.

I know seniors and their families are seriously worried about graduating.  We are on top of this! I emailed every senior today who was credit deficient either from last semester or from this last quarter that ended March 13th.  I sent each senior and their families the work they are to be doing and to complete over the next 3 weeks in order to be caught up when we come back. If you did not get an email from me, then you are currently passing all of your classes and you are in good shape to graduating in June. 

While I cannot say anything for sure, you should probably count on the Prom, and Sober Grad not happening. Being New Tech, we are trying to think outside the box when it comes to Awards Night and Graduation and have a few ideas up our sleeves. We will keep you all informed as we move along, but know that we are working on making your last semester as special as we can.

As always, contact us with any questions, email is always best at this point.


Mrs. G



MARCH 17, 2020

Dear New Tech Families:

We try to keep all of you informed with new information as we work with our Federal Department of Education, the California Governor, the State Department of Education, the State Superintendent, the Shasta County Department of Education, the County Superintendent, as well as, the State and County Public Health Departments. Information is literally changing on an hourly basis, however, on a positive note, we still only have one person in Shasta County with a confirmed case and he has been quarantined for two weeks. Shasta County is doing a great job keeping the rate of transmission down as much as possible, and on behalf of all the people with immune issues and our older, wiser family members, I thank you for following the recommendations given by our various authorities. As per the letter from Mr. Hopper yesterday, AUHSD will not be providing distant learning at this time, but we do have some recommendations that we hope will help: 

  • Grades for 3rd quarter ended last Friday, March 13th  
  • There will be no new work given to students over this three week period
  • 4th quarter will start officially on April 14th
  • Over these 3 weeks, plus a week for Spring Break, we will be Enriching, Refreshing, and Relearning 
  • We have included a resource page under the “students” drop down menu on our website called   “Enrichment Opportunities”, which lists amazing enrichment websites, such as online tours of  museums, etc. 
  • Teachers have sent you information regarding other enrichment opportunities, and possibly extra credit activities. Again, these are not required, but who couldn’t use a little buffering in their grades before coming back? 
  • As an administrator I recommend that students continue to work on their math every day, as a way to keep up their skills, and to be reading. I do not even care what they read, as long as they read! 
  • Students who are in college classes, still need to do their work, as the colleges are continuing online. 
  • Students who are behind in credits, while no one will be collecting the work or correcting it, can have work done on their own, ahead of time, and be ready to roll or even be done by the time we come back. This especially holds true of seniors. 
  • Again, not a requirement, but there are a lot of opportunities for students to get their community service work done or complete during this month. Not by working with other people, but perhaps walking along trials and pathways and picking up garbage, communicating by letter or email to the elderly and to shut-ins, or other ideas along this vein.  If your child does take this opportunity please have them download the community service form on our website, fill it out, and have someone sign it who can verify they completed the work.  

I realize there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now, but it should not be too long lived, and we will all be the stronger for it. Thank you for being an amazing New Tech Family and stay safe. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. McWilliams and I are still in the office, so if you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to call.


Carol Germano


Anderson New Technology High School

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