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Who We Are
New Tech is a small school in a small community, with a world-class staff and a leading-edge approach to education. We utilize project-based learning as a philosophy. We teach our students to solve problems and to work in team-based learning environments.

Our staff of ten teachers has many years of experience - and much of that is in the business world. Our teachers have experience ranging from working in the legal field to small business management. New Tech's teachers are fully credentialed professionals with outstanding educational track records.

Our students enjoy going to school here. Our kids tend to be nicer to each other because they know in the next project they may be depending on Annie or Zach or Josh to come through for the next group project. Our parents say that our school is a comfortable and safe environment. Because of our size, all our teachers get to "really" know each student, and all the students know each other. Our emphasis on teamwork and collaboration in the classroom helps break down the social barriers that typify a traditional school.

New Tech's Guiding Principles

How We Teach : We don't cover material, we uncover solutions, together. Our curriculum is problem and project based. We integrate our projects among disciplines, and within the community. We prepare our students to succeed.

What We Teach : Our students know what to do when they don't know what to do. Besides mastering the traditional curriculum, our kids understand process, leadership, innovation, relationships, motivation, follow through, perspective, and decision-making.

Where We Teach : Our school is a network. Everybody is a part of the network. Every connection is vital. It is both flexible and supportive, and extends beyond our campus into our homes and communities.

How We Collaborate
: Working together sets us apart. All students may find a place here. Our small size and our emphasis on teamwork and collaboration help foster a safe and supportive environment.

How We Lead
: We believe leadership is a shared process across all levels. Our shared leadership model encourages consensus and commitment.

How We Think
: Questions are often more important than answers. Our students interpret and connect. They evaluate and justify. Ultimately, they learn to think independently.

School Accountability Report Card

Learning Outcomes:

Overview: The ANTHS Learning Outcomes describe the knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school. Students will need to strengthen these skills to succeed in post secondary education, training or the work place.
  • Citizenship and Ethics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Career Preparation
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Curricular and Technology Literacy
How will this be achieved?
  • College prep curriculum
  • 1 to 1 ratio of computers to students in most classes
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Use of technology to solve problems
  • Opportunities to earn industry certifications
Work in a business atmosphere
  • Employer/Employee relationship
  • Culture of trust
  • Internships
Earn College Credit
  • Dual/Concurrent enrollment in college classes
Who can attend?
  • Any student that lives in California
  • Entering 9th through 12th grades
  • Current in their credits
 201662892646391_image.jpgHow long has New Tech existed?

New Tech opened in August 2002 with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the New Technology Foundation, the McConnell Foundation, the State of California, the Anderson Union High School District, a few dedicated staff members and over 80 families who were looking for something different for their children.

Is New Tech accredited?

New Tech is Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredited through spring 2018.

What does it cost to attend New Tech?

New Tech is a tuition-free public charter school in the Anderson Union High School District.

What qualifications must students meet?

Students need a recommendation from their middle school math teacher and will take a diagnostic math placement test in late spring prior to the next school year. Parents are invited attend a Parent Information Night in March and students (incoming 9th grade students) must attend a Freshman Connect Day. Qualified siblings of current students, children of District employees, current students and alumni, and twins or triplets (if one is accepted all are accepted) are exempt from the lottery.

How are students admitted to New Tech?

Should more students apply than vacancies available (225 total), a lottery will be held to determine the students admitted. (See details under qualifications students must meet.)

How is New Tech different from traditional high schools?

New Tech is a small school community with small class size, and supportive teachers and staff members who care about students’ academic, social, cultural and other growth needs. The students are connected to the adults and to each other in an environment that supports students as they prepare to enter the adult world. New Tech is a small, comprehensive high school, not a continuation or alternative education site. Much of the curriculum is similar to what students encounter in traditional high schools, with some notable differences. As in most traditional high schools, students take English, social science, science, math, P.E., electives and may participate in R.O.P. One notable difference is that English and Social Science are team taught and integrated into a project, process-based format. Students are required to take college courses and complete workplace internship hours to graduate from New Tech. For more detailed information, please call or come take a tour.

What is the curriculum at New Tech?

Much of the curriculum is project-based and incorporates real-world questions based on academic state standards. New skills and knowledge are applied to realistic, complex problems. Curriculum is rubric-based and students learn to conduct research from a variety of resources. Courses are college-prep and meet A-G Requirements for college entrance.

How important is attendance?

Attendance is very important at any school and on the job. We work on good workplace skills at New Tech, and getting to work and not missing work is critical to success on the job. Due to the nature of project-based learning and student teamwork, attendance is critical to academic success. When a team member is absent, it is important that the student communicates with group members to insure that the project is completed on time.

What percentage of New Tech graduates go on to college or trade schools?

78% of 2008 graduates went on to Shasta College, 10% to public universities, 2% to private universities, 2% to academies, 5% to military service and 2% to full time work. 21% of our 2009 graduates went on to 4-year universities, 5% to military service and 74% to community colleges. 15% of our 2010 graduates went on to 4-year universities, 1% to the military, and 79% to community colleges. 2010 graduates received $81,000 in scholarships. 16% of 2011 graduates went on to 4-year universities, 6% to military service, and 77% to community colleges. 100% of the class of 2012 applied to colleges or the military. 44% of the 2012 graduating class met requirements for 4-year university application. 100% of the class of 2013 applied to colleges or trade schools. 15% applied to 4-year colleges or universities. 19.6% of 2014 graduates attended 4-year colleges or tech schools, and received 21 scholarships ranging from $100 to $33,000 each.

Does New Tech adhere to California State Content Standards?

New Tech curriculum is based on California Content Standards. New Tech students take the California Standards Tests in the spring of each year. New Tech students have achieved scores over 800 for the last 8 years with scores among the highest in the North State. New Tech has been awarded the U.S. News and World Report Bronze Medal for high levels of student achievement among our low socio-economic group of students for five years and this year for the 2nd year in a row, ANTHS is one of Newsweek’s top 2000 schools in the U.S. New Tech is also a California Distinguished School.

What electives are available?

Electives include Cinematography (TV/Video Production), Guitar, Digital Music Production, ASL, Yearbook, Art I, II, and III, Graphic Design, Drama, Leadership, Imaging I and II, Spanish I and II, Math Lab, R.O.P., and others. New Tech has an award winning traditional and digital art program, the best in Shasta County. New Tech has recently added digital recording and production equipment in a state of the art music lab. Shasta College classes are also available on campus.

How are students assessed?

In all classes, but particularly in Studies classes, students’ assignments may be assessed in several categories. One presentation may include grade for content, communication, critical thinking and work ethic. This is explained in detail at Back to School Night in the fall. Call 365-3100 to get more detailed information.

Do students have to be technology literate?

We teach students the skills they need to use technology as a learning tool, a tool they must become accustomed to using in the adult world of work. Students use technology on a regular basis and are required to take a technology survey course in their sophomore or junior year.

What activities and clubs are available at New Tech?

New Tech students may participate in a variety of activities, events and clubs. New Tech has a Robotics Club, Tennis Club, Drama Club, and Junior Statesmen of America (JSA). New Tech holds formal and informal dances, Lock-Ins, Movie Nights and other monthly school activities. Each year students participate in field trips to the East Coast and Catalina Island Marine Institute, two trips to Ashland for the annual Shakespeare Festival, as well as a variety of trips to colleges and universities. The annual Evening of the Arts event showcases students’ digital and traditional artwork as well as dramatic and performing arts. Community service is an important aspect of our school culture. Students also compete in the annual Shasta County Mock Trial competition, as well as drama competitions. Students are always looking for opportunities to “give back” to the community. Leadership students as well as others participate regularly in community as well as school service activities.

What is the daily schedule?

School begins at 8AM each morning. The school day ends at approximately 3PM with the exception of Wednesdays which are teacher collaboration days and end at 1:26PM. If students do not have a 7th period, the school day ends at approximately 2PM on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, at 1:26PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Is there bus transportation for students?

Students who live in the Anderson Union High School District are able to ride the same buses as any student in this high school district. Students who live outside the District may catch buses at stops nearest their home. Some students carpool with other families.

May my child participate in sports if he/she attends New Tech?

Yes, if you live in the Anderson or West Valley High School school districts areas, you can play sports at that high school while attending Anderson New Technology High School.

What do parents say about New Tech?

One of our District administrators conducted a survey for his Ph.D. project, which focused on New Tech. We conduct a similar survey each spring.

· 100% of parents like the school, felt their children are safe here, that the teachers care about their children, that teachers treat their children fairly and help their children when needed and are satisfied with their decision to have their children attend New Tech.

· 99% of parents felt that New Tech is preparing their children for college and that staff members promote their children’s self-confidence.

· 97% felt their children are academically challenged and are not harassed by peers at New Tech.

· The top 3 factors that influence their children’s continued attendance at New Tech are; (1) their children are happy and motivated to learn, (2) teachers offer personal attention and (3) there is a progressive learning environment.
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